Understanding the Alternatives

In addition to litigation, we offer various forms of alternate dispute resolution including Collaborative Law, Mediation and Unbundled Services.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a great option for parties who wish to communicate their needs and work out an
amicable resolution without Court intervention. This is especially important to parties with children
who need to effectively co-parent after divorce. For more information on collaborative law in New
Hampshire go to www.collaborativelawnh.org.



We are trained to represent clients through both private and Court Ordered mediation. We have also
provided assistance to clients who are undertaking mediation privately without lawyer attendance to
review documents and assist in preparation for mediation.


Unbundled Services

We provide a large range of limited services to some clients which may include legal advice, legal
document review and document drafting. This form of limited legal services can be very affordable for
those clients who only need limited assistance through mediation process.