About Our Company

Craighead and Martin is a family-run law firm with over 70 years of combined legal experience. The firm offers a general practice of law, including criminal defense work, domestic relations, civil litigation, real estate and estate planning and probate.

We are dedicated to our clients and are responsive to their needs. We have a working knowledge of one another’s cases and often work together to assist clients. It is important to us that our clients remain informed and satisfied with the quality and scope of the legal representation they receive.




Rodkey and Joanne, having worked in other firms, decided that their approach to the practice of law was to treat each client on an individual basis with compassionate and honest responses to their particular concerns or issues. Their philopsophy was to tailor their representation, whether through settlement or litigation, for the specific client. There is no "one size fits all" to a client's problem. When Debbie joined the firm, she brought with her the same compassionate and caring for the client's individual needs and has continued with the same philosophy. The attorneys work together and share the client's concerns and responsive approach with each other in order to provide the most comprehensive representation possible. The comradery and mutual respect that the attorneys have for one another results in the effective advocacy for each individual client.